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British Charolais Cattle Society Show and Sale

On Thursday 7th November KLF will head to Welshpool Livestock Sales for the official British Charolais Cattle Society show and sale of 70 bulls and 32 females (including a dispersal sale from hackleton farms).

Clara Bright and Angela Hill will be in the office at WLS so to find out more about our full Breeding Warranty Insurance do call in.

Breeder warranty covers bulls against fertility for a period of six months.

If the bull is incapable of serving six females or 50% of the herd (whichever is smaller), or is found to be infertile during the six months, having been in with females for three heat cycles, the vendor must refund the purchase price and any direct expenses, for example, vet fees and haulage.

However, the bull is not covered by breeder warranty if it loses ability or fertility after an accident, illness or disease within this time.

Bull insurance however, does protect the farmer against permanent loss of use due to accident. But this cover is not active until the bull has proven itself by getting at least one female in calf before getting ill.