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Most Dangerous Harvest Conditions in Decades

The current UK heatwave has seen major field fires breaking out up and down the country, with Shropshire being no exception. 

Conditions are dryer than the summer of 1976 and farmers must be aware that they are at high risk of devastating fires. Exceptional weather in May and June means that harvesting has already started far earlier than usual and combines are at particular risk when it comes to fire. (Source: Shropshire Star)

After a fire recently broke out near Bridgnorth, which saw four acres of stubble and 30 tonnes of baled straw burn ferociously, we recommend taking precautions to reduce your fire risk this summer.

General Tips:

• Ensure everyone on farm know the location of fire extinguishers
• Regularly inspect storage and check sufficient fire extinguishers for the building size
• Store fuel in secure areas
• Fence off straw and farm buildings to prevent arson & store at least 10 m away from other farm buildings
• Prepare evacuation plan for staff & livestock

Harvesting Tips:

• Remove chaff from combine
• Replace worn bearings & fix any oil or fuel leaks
• Check fire extinguishers are on board
• Consider installing an automatic fire suppression system

We take this opportunity to wish you all well for a successful and fruitful harvest.

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