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Opening The Pound, Leebotwood

Marshall & Marshall Limited is now the proud owner and Landlord of The Pound Inn, Leebotwood.  An established commercial and residential property investment company based in Shrewsbury, Garth and Russell Marshall are always on the look-out for new and exciting property investment opportunities. When this property came up it was an ideal project, not least because preserving a local pub is so important to the community.

KLF Insurance Brokers and Marshall & Marshall have a history going back over 25 years, working together on projects across Shropshire. Keith Fowles’ long standing commitment to providing a comprehensive and integrated speciality insurance service is key to this long standing business relationship.

Keith says: “Insurance is complicated and simply buying an insurance policy shouldn’t be the sole consideration of any business; it is important to ensure that the insurance provision meets the business needs.

Marshall & Marshall Limited open The Pound Inn, Leebotwood with KLF Insurance Brokers & The Jay Brothers

“Having worked with Marshall & Marshall for so long we have built up a loyal and trusting relationship. Garth and Russell are very aware that as their business has grown and changed, so must the insurance policy. Regular reviews ensure more than adequate policy provision for the business’ requirements should the worst happen. Too many businesses end up outgrowing the insurance policy, leaving them vulnerable and dangerously under covered – would  your business survive if you weren’t fully reimbursed for commercial losses?”

Keith is delighted to be able to support both Marshall & Marshall Limited and now The Jay Brothers with the insurance cover they need and wish everyone well in this new business venture. The Jay Brothers have now launched The Pound Tap House & Eatery.