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Sri Lanka Project


Raising funds for Sadananda Primary School & Adikaram Kanishta Vidyalaya  Matugama School

Supporting Sri Lanka Project

Keith Fowles opens new toilets

Keith Fowles founded the Sri Lanka Project in 2014 having engaged with the Principals of two schools and people associated with the rubber plantation. Keith set up the charity with the sole aim of raising funds to assist the schools. So far he has provided 180 children with shoe vouchers and musical instruments.

In 2015 Keith, together with friends, family and clients of KLF Insurance Brokers, set about fundraising to achieve a second project. With only one toilet to share between 1000 children and teachers, Keith raised funds to build new toilets.  After a year of planning permission and regulations “Project Toilet” was complete, but an additional surprise for all involved – a block of 4 toilets have been built!  This allows two toilets for Years 1 to 5 and two for Years 6 to 12.

  Keith Fowles said: “After a year of fundraising, planning and regulations I was expecting to see one extra toilet, imagine my surprise and delight when I cut the
ribbon to open a block of 4 new loos!”

The children and teachers thanked Keith with a wonderful ceremony and guard of honour.

“It’s now time to prepare for project number 3 and I will be liaising with the school Principals and the plantation owners daughter, Ishara DeSilva, to help the schools deliver a good education.”

The objectives for the Sri Lanka Project 2017:

  • Voluntary English Teachers
  • Education books
  • New School Backpacks

The library does not have many books and the children don’t have good backpacks to transport the books they do have so the challenge has been set to raise £5,000 to invest in these items.  Keith will also be hoping to recruit a few voluntary English Teachers to teach at the school.

Keith concludes: “I hope you can help me support these amazing children who, despite their poverty have exemplary manners and are immaculately turned out.”