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Damage to the environment encompasses a wide range of environmental impairments, including pollution of land, air and biodiversity damage.

Businesses are responsible for ensuring they undertake practices to minimise the likelihood of causing damage whilst carrying out their operations. Changes in recent legislation mean that every business is exposed to risk of prosecution if they cause damage to the environment.

Stand-alone environmental liability policies are specifically designed to cover the widest possible range of environmental liabilities such as:

  • Statutory or regulatory liabilities
  • Liability arising from gradual pollution as well as sudden and unforeseen pollution
  • Liabilities of the insured for own property clean-up costs as well as off-site clean-up costs
  • Environmental liabilities during transit
  • Investigation, complementary and compulsory remediation costs
  • Non-pollutant related environmental damage (i.e. damage caused by fire or flood)
  • Policy includes business interruption cover